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Role-playing Rules

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1 Role-playing Rules on Fri May 01, 2015 11:13 am

1. You can basically travel anywhere you want in Jun, we only ask that you be logical in your method of traveling( which means no teleporting). Also please put where the RP is moving to in the thread your about to leave.

2. We can't prevent the use of all magic but you are limited to the abilities your race provide to you, no other kind of magic is allowed.

3. Your character ages every six months in real time. The only races that aren't immortal are:

Orcs - Lifespan 100 Years

Humans - Lifespan 80 Years

Dark/Wood Elves - Lifespan 75 Years

Dwarves - Lifespan 100 Years

Giants - Lifespan 80 Years

Immortal Races:

Dragon Humans


Frost Giants




4. No mixing races, we don't want a bunch of hybrids running around the RP.

5. Magic weapons and armor enchantments are allowed but your limited to three enchantments and two magic weapons.

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